What Is A Flathead Bobber?

A Flathead bobber is a classic old school bike with one of the oldest Harley engines built, the Harley flathead. Production on this engine started in 1919.

Most bobbers with a flathead engine will have the newer flathead because it’s hard to find an old one. And if you do it will likely be attached to a vintage bike that would make a great restoration project.

I am not a flathead expert but I believe they continued production of the flathead engine until 1957. But they did continue to produce small numbers of the ‘k’ series flathead until 1969 for racing.

flathead bobberThis bobber was built by Customs From Jamesville.

The flathead bobber is a variation on the bobber theme made famous in more recent times as builders push the boundaries of the original old school bobber.

In my opinion, the reason variations of the bobber theme have become so popular is because the old school, bad ass bobber look captures the spirit if many people in the world. And there is a real ‘Rebel’ or ‘Independent’ look and feel to these bikes as well.

You can’t get any more old school than a Flathead because of their age and history in the motorcycle industry. It’s old, it’s loud, and it’s cool.

The flathead bobber is an original style bobber motorcycle with a flat front, drop handle bar. While this is simple and subtle in the differences when compared to a standard bobber it does make a unique difference to the overall aesthetic value of the bike. This is mainly due to the larger, more upright handles found on a standard bobber so the difference is striking.

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