Sportster Bobber

sportster bobberThe Harley Sportster Bobber is one of the most popular bobber motorcycles that are sought after. The fact is, Harley’s still have the biggest name in the cruiser and chopper industry, even though there are many other quality factory built bikes.

[Picture above is a completed bobber from a rolling chassis kit which is sold by  americanclassicmotors on eBay].

The Sportster has a long history, and because they are a smaller Harley they fit well for many different riders. There’s lots of current and newbie bikers that don’t want a big ol Fat Boy or even some of the mid range bikes that Harley makes.

Sportster Bobbers have nice lines to them, and you can find them relatively cheap compared to the Harley’s on the market. But they are not cheap unless you go for a salvage bike, but then you are asking for trouble.

When you consider a Sportster Bobber for sale you may also want to consider building your own replica Sportster Bobber if building and customizing is your thing.

Here Are Your Options For Building A Sportster Bobber:

Buy a ‘doner’ bike. You can find an old beat up Sportster if you look really hard. It won’t be as cheap as an old XS650 or CB750 but you can still find a deal. This way you won’t feel as bad about chopping up something you didn’t pay a fortune for. What you can do now is convert the softail Sporter doner bike into a hardtail simply buy buying a weldon hardtail kit on eBay. It’s not hard if you have the right tools and you know how to weld.

weld on hardtail kit

After you weldon the hardtail now you have an official Sportster Chopper. But you want a Sportster Bobber so take that rear fender and cut it down to the size you like. I like to think of a rear fender as a skirt – the shorter the better!

[pictured to the left is a Sportster weldon hardtail kit by mparts on eBay].

You have a lot of options when you by a doner bike and bob it. But here is your other option for a Sportster Bobber:

Buy a Sportster style chopper frame or build a sportster style frame with maybe at most a 30 degree rake, if that is what you like. I don’t like riding anything more than a 30 degree rake, but that’s me. And also anything more than 30 degrees is a chopper in my book, and we are talking about Bobbers here…

Anyway, take that frame and keep the dressing up of it minimal (Bobbers are all about minimalism, and looking bad ass). Put in any motor you fancy but if you can get yourself a Sportster engine do it. Then get some ape hangers, drag bars, and a springer seat and you are on your way to a killer custom sportster bobber.

The next option is you can buy a rolling chassis or bobber frame kit and put a Sportster engine in it. There are many bobber rolling chassis on eBay for really good prices.


[Pictured above is a modified paugcho sportster frame (sportster rolling chassis) by seller 303_sandoval on eBay].

ironhead sportster bobber rolling chassis

[Pictured above is a Ironhead sportster rolling chassis by seller americanclassicmotors on eBay].

Since Sportsters are softails, unless you buy a modified or chopped Sportster, you have a plethora of options to consider when you bob it…

There are tons of aftermarket parts, and conversion kits for Sportsters (which is another reason why they are so popular)…

As you can see, bobbers are traditionally hardtail motorcycles. Bobbers started out as hardtails back in the day because softails motorcycles were in their infancy stages. The closest thing to a softail back in the day was a springer seat and springer or a girder front end.

But after many years of riding, or after taking a long ride on a hardtail you are going to want a softer ride, and that’s why softail bobbers are very popular now. However, bikers like to keep their softails hidden so that they look authentic, and don’t get any flak from hard core hardtail bikers who scoff at anything other than a rigid frame.

softail bobber frame design

[As you can see in this picture of a bobber frame above, the softail is hidden quite well underneath the seat area].

Of course, you can always just buy a complete Sportster Bobber if you have the money. There are some amazing bikes that are build and sold, and if you are ready to drop some cash, the best place to buy a bobber is on eBay in my opinion. You have lots of choices, and you can find reputable sellers.

sportster 1200 bobber

[Pictured above is a 1992 1200 Sportster being sold by eBay seller bone*shaker]

ironhead bobber

[Pictured above is a 1985 XLH 1000cc Sportster being sold by eBay seller ll0406jr]

The first bike is a unique bobber in that it has a more modern flare to it, and it will take a unique buyer because for a bobber, it’s a little flashy, and the white lines on it are going to require someone who really likes white.

The second bike is more of a classic Sportster style bobber. It’s low profile, yet bad ass, and the custom wrapped exhaust gives it a more grounded appearance.

Sportsters are fast, loud, and they sell like mad. So if you find yourself one, you have the potential for a nice profit after you bob it (or even just clean it up), or you have yourself a killer ride for the rest of your life…

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