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cb750 bobber projectIf you are looking for Honda bobber kits the good news is there are several nice little kits you can build or bolt on to your Honda one by one. But a complete bobber kit for Honda’s are almost non existent.

Side Bar: The CB750 Bobber Project above is by Paul Hysell.

If you are a veteran builder or bike owner and have built or customized your bike this is no surprise. But you might be surprised how many people out there are looking for complete Honda bobber kits. We get requests every now and again for a complete kit bike or questions on where to buy all the parts.

Jail Chaplains Honda 750 Bobber

Side Bar: The completed Honda 750 bobber above was built by a Chaplain for a county jail.

About Honda Bobber Kits and Building a Bobber:

The fastest way to convert a stock Honda motorcycle is to strip off as many parts you don’t need, making it lighter (because making them fast and light was the idea behind these types of bikes in the 1940’s) while keeping it road worthy and street legal.

The main feature that makes your bike into a bobber almost instantly are the fenders…you will ‘bob’ the rear fender. In other words, shorten the fender (rear). To get it closer to a traditional bobber you will remove the front fender. That would be one of your first projects.

The second thing you’ll want to do is a seat conversion. You will get rid of that ugly stock Honda seat and replace it with an old school springer bobber seat like this:

jack daniels bobber solo seat

This seat above is offered by cycleexprezz.

Third, you will want to get new handle bars. There are several to choose from but there are really only two or three types that will make your Honda look like a new or old school bobber: Ape hangers, drag bars, or old school looking beach bend handle bars. I have them listed further below.

Those three easy projects will get your Honda closer to a real bobber. You can be comfortable calling it a bobber ‘style’ bike once you complete all three of these mini bobber kit projects.

Maybe the hardest project is converting your bike into a hardtail. Because old school bobbers were hardtails. You don’t have to convert it of course. But it won’t be a traditional old school bobber unless you convert your bike into a hardtail, or at least buy, build, or convert your frame and hide the softail suspension. Take a look at this picture as an example:

Custom Softail Bobber Frame (Hidden Suspension):

softail bobber frame design

Here is a Softare Sportster Frame Design (With Hidden Suspension – Sort Of):

hiding the softail suspensionIf you elect to do a hardtail conversion you’ll be happy to know that there are several good Honda hardtail conversion kits…

Here Are Several More Honda Bobber Kits To Consider:

Honda big bore kits.

Seller: cyclex

honda big bore kit

big bore kit 2

CB750 Hardtail Kit 1.

Seller: cycle1kate1

cb750 hardtail kit

cb750 hardtail kit 2

Honda Bobber Seat 1.

Seller: cycleshirley

honda bobber seat conversion kit

Honda Brass Engine Bolt Spikes.

Seller: workingclasschoppers

brass engine bolt spikes

engine bolt spikes

Fender Strut Kit.

Seller: sellmysoul99

fender strut kit


New School Honda Drag Handle Bars.

Seller: gold3288gold
new school drag bars

Standard Drag Bars.

Seller: hondacb750partssohc

standard bobber drag bars

As you can see above, there’s not a lot you need to do to turn your Honda into a bobber. You just need to get a couple of kits like the Hard tail conversion kit and the seat conversion kit, and the rest are mostly bolt on bobber kits like the bullets (if that’s your thing), and the handle bars.

Other Items That Will Get Your Bike Close To A Traditional Bobber Are:

  • Ultra fat tires. Maybe even white walled!
  • Old school style exhaust set up. Nothing fancy. Maybe even get the pipes wrapped to make them look more bad ass.
  • They didn’t have belt drives back in the day so you may want to do a chain drive conversion if you Honda is a belt drive.
Honda Bobber At Rodeo Beach.

Turning your stock Honda into a bobber is a fun project. And you can get even more advanced by stretching your frame and raking the forks a little bit. Bobbers don’t have a significant rake like the old school choppers so don’t over do it. Keep your rake in the low 30’s. Otherwise you will fall into the old school chopper category. But then again, once you chop or bob the fender your bike is considered chopped so chopper purists would argue that a bobber is really a chopper. But don’t listen them, that’s just arguing about nothing…making mountains out of mole hills.

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