For Sale

xs650 bobberIf you want to find bobbers for sale there are many ways of accomplishing this. First, you look on Craigslist because you might be able to find one locally. However, since all of our tastes in bikes is different, you may not find one for a long while so the next stop is eBay.

Here are new listings for sale so that you can discover bobbers for sale that you never new existed. There are many to view and bid on or buy. The listings are always refreshed every single day.

The bobbers for sales on eBay will be either a hard tail or a softail. An old school bobber, which many believe is the true type of bobber, is going to be a hardtail (or rigid frame).

What’s the difference?

A hardtail does not have any suspension except for the front forks and hopefully the seat (springs). But some bikers don’t even have springs! So it goes without saying that a bobber without a suspension is going to really feel the bumps. Not great for those of us with bad backs or want to go on ling rides, but if you have a nice set of springer forks and a good bobber seat you will get by just find.

A hard tail looks really cool too. But thanks for quality craftsmanship you can get a softail (a bobber with a suspension) where the shocks – or the suspension is hidden quite well and looks like a hardtail. This way you will avoid the wrath of any hard care bikers who can’t stand softails (don’t worry most people are cool).

For a much better definition of what a bobber really is read this article.

When you see a bobber for sale that you like the first thing you should do is check the feedback rating of the seller, and check what the seller has sold. If they are selling a bobber for the first time cover all your bases with the seller because they may not have experience selling motorcycles or cars online and this may be a difficult task for them to navigate which opens the door to problems. That’s not to say they can’t handle it but ask questions and get commitments in writing from them.