Bobber Motorcycle Basics!

bobber with ape hangers
Old School Bobber With Ape Hangers

Bobbers are basically customized motorcycles that are based on stock models. They have a unique style and design which appeal to a particular segment of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Choppers have become extremely popular over the years with their aggressive style and personality. They have formed a unique culture of their own and are considered to be an expression and a statement rather than a simple motorcycle.

However, if you are considering customizing your motorcycle, you should know that Bobbers are in a class of their own. They are simple yet have a vintage, sometimes elegant look which gives them an edge over other types of motorcycles which are styled more dramatically.

They are very cool without being gaudy like many of the custom choppers and pro street bikes that you can’t even drive safely do to the ridiculous ground clearance and stretched out frames.

Bobbers can easily be identified based on their differentiated design features. Some people might still find it difficult to distinguish between a Chopper and a Bobber because they do have some similarities.

The main differentiating features of a bobber bike are the bobbed fender in the rear (cut off), and the removal of the fender in the front, as well as many other parts that aren’t necessary to the performance of the bike.

Conversely, many choppers have additional custom made parts. You won’t find these on a bobber because the main goal is to remove as many parts as possible to give it a simple, low profile look.

bobber seatAlso, a bobber seat is quite different as well. It looks closer to an old bike seat than it does a seat pan molded to a cruiser or chopper. Scissor Springs, or similar, are used to give the bobber a softer ride, especially if it’s a hardtail. The one pictured above is a La Rosa Chopper Bobber Seat.

Even the popularity of Bobber motorcycles has been increasing steadily and enthusiasts all over the world have adopted this culture. This is because they find these motorcycles to be more attractive and appealing than the other styles.

The aim of this website is to prove to you that Bobbers are a good option to consider when customizing your own motorcycle. There are some typical design features which will have to be followed for this purpose.

What Are Bobber Motorcycles?

Classic Pink Bobber With Drag Bars
Classic Bobbed Motorcycle With Drag Bars

The Bobber motorcycle are defined by their unique overall design and styling. They follow a typical pattern of modification and customization which sets them apart.

In a typical customization, the front fender is completely removed from the frame. The size of the rear fender is reduced while all extra parts and components are removed to reduce the weight.

As opposed to other customizations, Bobbers are relatively less dramatic. Stock models can be simply converted to a Bobber while there might still be a need to chop them in certain situations.


Bobbers date back to the 1940s and started gaining popularity after the end of World War II. The trend basically started when some individuals with technical expertise began to transform their own motorcycles.

With the increasing popularity of Bobbers, biker clubs were formed, which eventually transformed the whole industry. Even the leading motorcycle manufacturers began to incorporate certain Bobber design elements into their own models.

The trend continued to spread and reached the European markets as well. Bobber motorcycles penetrated the international market before Choppers were even introduced.

Design and Performance

Bobber motorcycles have a distinct design and have the ability to perform exceptionally well. Some of the major aspects of their design and performance are mentioned below:

Bobber Frame Design

An interesting fact about Bobbers is that they often make use of unmodified frames. This means that it is relatively easier and simpler to build a Bobber than any other customized motorcycle.

However, with the surge in popularity of bobber motorcycles, you can now buy frame plans or pre-built rolling chassis that replicate an old school bobber.

In many cases there might be a need to chop the stock frame in order to customize it according to Bobber specifications. Bobber frames are typically longer than those of regular motorcycles but they are not as stretched as Choppers.

There are ready-for-customization frames also available in the market these days making it easier for enthusiasts to build their own Bobber motorcycles.

Over the years several different frame styles have been introduced in this category including the softail and the swing. The rigid is probably the most popular frame style available for the Bobber based on its high demand.

The frame style can have a huge impact on the motorcycle’s performance. Therefore, it is important to be very careful when selecting a frame style because all the other parts will be selected on the basis of the frame.

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