Bobber Motorcycle Basics!

1999 sportster bobber.When the movie, Easy Rider appeared on screen in 1969, everyone became a fan of the Chopper and they seemed to get into the hype of the trend. After the long fork on the front gets chrome, the frame and the fame, now Harley Davidson’s modification by Steve Barber has created another famous motorcycle term, that is, Bobber.

When it comes to a Bobber, it seems that many websites have reviewed it and the fact that the big motorcycle manufacturers take it as a hint of inspiration, really tells us how popular bobbers are.

So what do you need to know about bobbers and what are the skills you need to create a nice seat bobber in your garage with your own tools? This insightful info will help you to do the best bobber crafting!

Building a bobber is something that a biker should be able to do. Building the bobber requires metal works and the crafting skills. The DIY shovelhead soft tail bobber has been done by many bikers and bike enthusiasts and most of them can complete it in varied levels of time.

Building a bobber is one of the most popular choices if you wish to have a dream bike. Learning how, is another story. There is an old school bobber and a modern type of bobber; each has its own characteristics of taking down the ballast.

What Does it Take?

Each individual will have a different goal and vision regarding what kind of bike to build. When it comes to factory bikes, they don’t have the kind of accent the bobbers do. Many opinions stressed how bobbers are exceptionally incredible when handling the road. Moreover, it is not an ugly piece of vehicle, rather, a masterpiece that a bike enthusiast could ever own.

A basic knowledge on how to build your own bobber:

What is a Bobber?

A bobber is a customized design of a motorcycle with the front fender being removed to make it small and to reduce the weigh. The bobber is one of the simplest ways to customize a motorcycle. It is a handmade part and often, it requires high end skills in mechanical and welding. The bobber community are custom motorcycle enthusiasts and often gather to discuss lots of things regarding customized motorcycle designs. The bobbers have been viral since 1940 and it is predicted to have its popularity due to ex-military motorcycle modification activities.

A bobber features a signature of its owner because it is hand made. Thus, a biker can have a different style of bobber from another one although the welding standard is the same. The bobber style has also influenced how motorcycle companies make their bikes. It is favourable because of the versatile use that you can frankly state that it is a hybrid. The terms range from retro bobber to chopper and these are based on personal preferences.

super glide bobberSo, what you learned about bobbers is that:

  • It is not a factory-created part. It is made in a person’s garage by an ordinary person who loves to modify bikes.
  • It does not have major modifications.
  • It is cheap and easy to create

A bobber is different from a chopper. A chopper makes a motorcycle look longer because the front fork has been modified up to a certain length, longer than the original one. 

If you are a newbie, literally new to automotive things, you need to know what a kit bike is in a bobber world. If you don’t have welding skills, this is the point you should learn.

A bobber rolling chassis is an important part of the whole craft. In bobber, the chassis is modified and welded with other components to create a specific engine. You can also ask help from the supplier to find the right rolling chassis for your motorcycle mod. The cost of a bobber rolling chassis ranges from $850 to $3500 depending on the specs you want. The good thing about a bobber is that you don’t have to throw all of the money on the table, you can build it piece by piece when you have the finances.

If you feel hassled in these issues; you could find an easier way to pay and get a hardtail weld for your bike. If you want to build a bobber and you want to take the easiest route and pay the least amount of money without sacrificing looks, get a hardtail weld-on kit for your project bike.

Then What Makes Bobber, The Bobber?

The stripped off weigh, the sloppy load – that’s probably the thing you call a bobber according to expert, Justin Del Prado. Usually, a solo seat is installed with a rear fender most of the time. The handling and the position generally has similar theme. And also, a bobber usually doesn’t contain a mirror or saddle bags, although some do. And because it is home built, handmade, it is up to your budget and how you appreciate the uniqueness of your bike. It really comes down to your creativity. So a bobber is a bobber because it reflects a man’s personality from something that he built in the back of his garage.

It can be hard to decide whether to go with hardtail or softail. Softail uses full suspension, which is a compelling benefit because it offers a less fatigue performance when riding in a race. For marathon purposes, a softail has better performance.

A full suspension, or softail, may require plenty of maintenance, but given the fact that it provides total comfort is what make the softail bobber favourable. In terms of speed, the softail offers a fast pace motorcycle on rough surfaces.

Many bobber enthusiasts even dedicate blogs to review their activity in their own garage; spending time to weld and modify their bikes. This is a remarkable art according to them.

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