Bobber Kit: Bike in a Box

Before we dig more into bobber kits, let’s get to know a little about bobbers first.

A bobber is a custom motorcycle (a highly stylized motorcycle) with its front fender removed, and the rear fender shortened or ‘bobber’. It is the earliest simple custom motorcycle that was built by individuals who possessed mechanical skills and were part of early biker clubs scene.

These bikes often reflect their owners and their specific preferences in style. Bobber motorcycles are often home built and, and customized by hand.

There are several different versions of a bobber kit. The most common kit is what is referred to as a “bike in a box”. All the necessary parts of a bike are present in the bobber motorcycle kit.

The Bobber motorcycle kit comes in many different types and it can be be pieced together by beginners with hand tools, and the advanced bike builder can put one together in their shop in a day or two.

A bike in a box allows you to be the manufacturer of your own motorcycle since you build it yourself.

There are many advantages of having a bobber kit. These advantages include:

• Easier shipping
• Less consumption of space
• less cost compared to a pre-built bike
• Gives you the chance to build the bike by yourself

When you build your own bike, you put a new meaning to owning and riding it. Bikers who build their own bikes tend to take more care of their bikes and they also tend to show more love and compassion to these.

Building a bike from a Bobber kit will help you make certain that you put every piece of your bike in the right place as you desire.

When you have already put together your motorcycle kit then, it is time to customize your own bike. Every customization will definitely differs from one bike to another and will help your own originality show off when riding.

Giving yourself a chance and a little time to put your own bike together (with a nice budget) will provide you with the bike that you have always wanted.

Building a bike from a bobber kit will not necessarily require very high mechanic skills nor does it require a cabinet filled with professional mechanical tools and equipment.

The most important tools that you would need are crescent wrenches of varied sizes, a socket wrench set, wire cutters (preferably use a good pair), electrical tape, stripping tools, and a torque wrench.

There are many kinds of bobber kits available. Some of the best bobber kits are:

• Back Alley Bobbers
• Traditional Bobber
• Bikers’ Choice
• Kikker 5150 Hardknock

The second type of bobber kit is a bobber conversion kit. You can buy these from small shops and the big manufacturers, depending on the type of bike you want to convert.

The more popular bobber conversion kits are for the Sportster, XC 650, CB 750, and a dozen more.

You can also have a kit custom built for your conversion, although that can cost you.

One of the best alternatives when it comes to building a bobber is to get a rolling chassis. A rolling chassis is basically a partially completed bike. You can get a bobber rolling chassis with just the frame, front end, and wheels. Or you can get a rolling chassis that has all of the above plus an oil tank, and gas tank.

And finally, you can get a rolling chassis with all of the above AND the drivetrain.

A bobber rolling chassis is a great way to go because the hardest part of the build is done for you: building of the frame with mounting brackets, and installation of the front end, etc.

All you have to to do is put the rest together, and you can do this over time as your budget dictates your build.

Rolling chassis kits start around $1500, and chopper motorcycle kits start at around $9000 all the way up to $24,000. But most are in the $12,000 – $16,000 range, and go up from there depending on the quality of the kit.
Buying a bobber kit will surely give many advantages and it gives the bike owner a brand new experience of building, owning, and riding a bike.

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