Bobber Videos

building a bobberRecommended Bobber Videos:

#1: Build Your Own Bike: This DVD series is the only bobber bike building video series on the market, and if you compare it to the other regular motorcycle building dvd’s on the market it’s one of the top 2 (Top 1 and Top 2 are either Build Your Own Bike or Motorcycle Metal Fabrication).

A close third is Building A Chopper Chassis and Making Motorcycle Gas Tanks. And they will all be the top bike building DVD series for a very long time because the production and tutorials are done by master fabricators and bike builders. This is not hype. Michael Durham is a certified Harley Davidson Master technician, and Ron Fournier and Ron Covel are world renowned metalworkers (fabricators).

If you are interested in Bobber videos that teach you how to build a bike then you should consider getting both Build Your Own Bike, and Motorcycle Metal Fabrication.

If you want to build a bobber from the ground up, piece by piece then you should also get Building a Chopper Chassis. In addition, if you are not experienced in welding or fabricating you can still build a bobber but you should get bobber videos that show you how to work with metal including MIG and Tig welding.

  • You don’t have to TIG weld, but it’s the recommended way to go. However, many low budget welders are using stick welding just as effectively ad TIG so you may want to get Steve Bleile’s Arc Welding DVD’s. You should get these videos anyway because the amount of knowledge Steve provides in almost stunning, and it’s done in an interesting and professional manner.

An actual welding course in your area is a good idea. However, I would contact the instructor to find out what the course material will focus upon because if it’s a lot of history and technical stuff it may be a long slow process for you, if you just want to build bikes and work on cars and household projects. Find the right one.

Not Sure You Can Do It?

If you are wondering if you can build a bobber or any bike for matter, even if you haven’t welded or worked with metal, you will be happy to know that there are many builders who started out just like you.

For example, check this first time board track racer build out. It’s his very first project and he has never welded before. If that’s not inspiring enough here is another guy’s first time build which he did in his garage as well.

If building a bike is a little intimidating, try a smaller project not related to bikes. Here’s dozens of project ideas.

All you have to do is get started…

 Sample From Build Your Own Bike: