Old School Bobber Motorcycles Guide

rigid springer bobber

What is a bobber motorcycle? Customized motorcycles that have had a front fender taken off and the rear fender shortened are known as a bobber motorcycle. To bob is to remove or shorten. Bobbing a chopper requires the fender to be removed or ‘shortened’. Many bobber and chopper owners have a bobber style to their […]

The Cafe Racer Versus The Bobber

cb350 cafe racer

While the bobber scene, and later the chopper scene, were gathering momentum in the United States in the 1950’s there was another motorcycle scene brewing in Britain… The cafe racer scene! This scene finally took off in the early sixties and maintains a loyal and passionate following today both in Britain and the United States. […]

Honda Bobber Kits

If you are looking for Honda bobber kits the good news is there are several nice little kits you can build or bolt on to your Honda one by one. But a complete bobber kit for Honda’s are almost non existent. Side Bar: The CB750 Bobber Project above is by Paul Hysell. If you are […]

Solidworks Chopper Tutorial

solidworks bobber

I have been reviewing the material on the Learn Solidworks Chopper Tutorial and I am really impressed with the quality of material and professionalism. Solidworks can be a challenge to work well, especially if you want to model a motorcycle. However, the Chopper Tutorial makes it much easier. …check out this rendering… So I asked […]

Bobbers vs Choppers!

Bobber vs chopper. What’s better? Sorry, can’t answer that. It’s an issue of taste really. But I can help you understand the differences between them. So lets get into it then, shall we? Motorcycle customization has been going on for decades, and is very popular today, but where did it start and what is a […]